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Students experience pivotal transition points throughout their education, from pre-K to Kindergarten, from grade to grade, school to school, and from school to post-secondary or work situations. We acknowledge our responsibility to support all learners, so they successfully complete their education (pre-K through to grade 12) with a sense of dignity and purpose, and opportunities to meet their goals.


  1. We target early years learning to ensure students are well supported during their transition to Kindergarten, throughout their elementary years and to middle school.
  2. We utilize developmentally appropriate practices through the Middle Years Pillars (Advisory, Teaming, Collaboration, Exploratory) to foster growth through the adolescent years.
  3. We ensure students find meaningful pathways, throughout secondary school and beyond graduation, including post-secondary, apprenticeship, college and workplace.


  • Grade to Grade Transition Data
  • 5 and 6 year Completion Rates (Graduation)
  • Post-Secondary Transition Rates
  • Attendance Rates