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Priority: Improving student achievement and well being through high quality instruction.

Goal: All students to meet or exceed grade level expectations in literacy and numeracy.

Outcomes and Measures

  • Provincial Assessments
  • Graduation Rates
  • District Literacy Assessments
  • District Numeracy Assessments

Goal: To increase students abilities to apply critical, creative and reflective thinking.

Outcomes and Measures

  • Students will fully meet or exceed expectations on SD 33 Thinking Rubric
  • District Assessment Rubric to determine to which degree each school aligns with a culture of innovation and continuous improvement

Goal: To enhance personal and social responsibility.

Outcomes and Measures

  • BC Performance Standards for Social Responsibility (i.e. Positive Behaviour)
  • Discipline Data from MyEd and BCeSIS
  • Attendance Data
  • DBC Behaviour Data
  • 1701 Count of Number of Students leaving as a result of Institutional Factors

Regular Strategic Plan updates are provided to the Board of Education and can be found at Updates.